2d work concept and digital art

Alot of what is on this page is created just for enjoyment.

cattower small

moon scene small

bear hat

business monster





gorilla with dog2

rock dude

monkey on bike

Starting a new project based on the BBC whatif compeition character concept.
kid concept

A mix of sketches experimenting with a cartoon style.

This was created for fun while listening to music.

Some sketch book photos

sketch page2


3 thoughts on “2d work concept and digital art

  1. Interested in bird image you have for purchase. Looking for art designs on my new t shirt brand if you’re willing to sell me..

      • This is the one I was interested in

        From:”mybrainsneeze” Date:Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 6:27 AM Subject:[New comment] 2d work concept and digital art

        mybrainsneeze commented: “Hi, Yeah I would be willing to sort out selling some designs to you. I haven’t been on this blog in months though. My portfolio site is mybrainsneeze.prosite.com There is a 2D sections aswell on the left. If you want to discuss some designs and sort somet”

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